Caitlyn’s Links, Discounts, and Recommendations

Click here for the new Skin to Skin Shirt

The newest addition to our matching birth apparel lineup that makes it possible for partners to do skin to skin without taking off their shirt. Now there's something for everyone, and the whole family can match!

Click Here for Birth gowns (LILA USA 🇺🇸)

The world's bestselling hospital gown alternative designed by a labor nurse to be both accessible and beautiful.

Click Here for Birth Gowns (Lila Australia 🇦🇺)

Soft accessible birth and postpartum clothing, now avaliable in Australia with cheaper and faster shipping!

Click here for birth gowns (LILA Canada 🇨🇦)

The same beloved labor and lounge wear now avaliable in Canada with faster and cheaper shipping.

Nectar Freeze Dried Candy

Candy favorites with a freeze dried spin.

The new Nadia Gown

Lila's newest, most full coverage birth gown. When accessibility and functionality meets privacy and style.

Click here for Hypnobabies Courses

Hypnobabies is a popular approach to coping with pain during labor. Many say labor is more mentally challenging than it is physically challenging. Let Hypnobabies help you develop mental tools and strategies to have a better birth experience.

Click here for Lovevery Toys

Toys designed by child development experts to help babies reach milestones.

Click here to Follow @caitlyn_schollmeier on IG

Follow a twin mom, beauty queen, labor nurse, business owner, as she influences her way through grad school so that she can finally call herself a Certified Nurse Midwife.